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 Project description

This project is set of utilities for both Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows 8.1. These were created or brought together by the Dutch Windows Phone developer community, a loose band of enthusiasts usually referred to as "#wp7nl" by their twitter hashtag (these days we use #wpnl). Originally all of it was mine - I made this project by popular request as convenient way to distribute stuff that appeared earlier as samples on my blog. Later contributions by other people were added.

The current version of this library support Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.0, although the last one will be dropped in the near future as every 8.0 phone will be updated to 8.1 soon. The Windows Phone 8.1/ Windows 8.1 part of the library, now at version 2.0.x is largely built as PCL.

The library consist out of 4 assemblies:

  • WpWinNl.Basic (all the stuff that does not depend on MVVMLight)
  • WpWinNl.External (stuff I nicked from other people)
  • WpWinNl (all the stuff that does depend on MVVMLight)
  • WpWinNl.Maps (an experimental behavior and supporting class to support binding of shapes to the Windows Phone Map controls)

All three libraries are available as NuGet packages and this is the recommended way of using them, as they also handle the download and referencing of base libraries as well as making a reference to the behaviors SDK (where applicable). Download them from NuGet here.

  • WpWinNl.Basic + WpWinNl.External as WpWinNlBasic 
  • WpWinNl as WpWinNl
  • WpWinNl.Maps as WpWinNlMaps

Be aware that of the moment of this writing v 2.0.x is still in prerelease mode.

NuGet packages 

You are encouraged to use the NuGet packages for reference in your project.



This project builds upon the following external libraries:

It also includes code from

Not all libraries have dependencies on everything. For Windows (Phone) 8.1, the references are as follows:

  • WpWinNl.Basic
    • IBehaviorPortable
  • WpWinNl
    • MVVMLight Portable
    • WpWinNlBasic
  • WpWinNl.Maps
    • WpWpNl
    • Rx-Main

For Windows Phone 8, the references are as follows:

  •  WpWinl.Basic
    • Windows Phone Toolkit
  • WpWinNl
    • Windows Phone Toolkit
    • WpWinNlBasic
    • MVVMLight

Be aware that although there is still a WpWinNl.Map for Windows Phone 8 in the repository, it is no longer part of the project, nor is it being maintained

Some Historic Notes
This project started out as a Windows Phone 7 library wp7nl . I also made a provisional port to Windows 8 win8nl when Windows 8 entered the stage. When Windows Phone 8 came to be, support for that was added too.

With the coming of Windows 8.1 and both Windows and Windows Phone moving closer together, things became a bit too complicated. I took the rash decisions to

  • Drop Windows Phone 7 support,
  • Start a new project in a version and platform agnostic namespace.

And that became this project.

 Currently, the project support Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows. Going forward, 8.0 support will most likely be dropped.

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